Intelligibility measurements – Blåsenhus, Uppsala university

Springwell Audio has completed a series of measurements and documentation on behalf of AV-Huset Ljud & Bildteknik AB. A comprehensive suite of audio visual systems has been installed to assist lecturers in delivering their course content. Devices such as interactive whiteboards, projectors, microphones and sound reinforcement systems are used to make the daily working environment more comfortable and effective for both lecturers and students alike.

AV Huset LBT were able to use the data to provide evidence of conformity to the consultant’s and client’s design criteria.

Springwell Audio provided assistance in verifying and documenting the speech intelligibility (taluppfatbarhet), sound pressure levels (ljudtrycksnivåer) and frequency response (frekvenskurva) for the audio systems installed in the lecture theatres (hörsaler). Room Capture software along with class 1 measurement equipment and calibrators were used to gather the required information which was then assembled into a set of documents including a report on procedures and findings.