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EASE Modelling and Simulations

Using computer simulation means that sound system designs can be tested and optimised before any equipment is ordered or installed.

Springwell Audio AB has many years experience using the industry standard electroacoustic simulation software, EASE.

EASE is most commonly used for modelling loudspeaker installations but also has a rich feature set for analysing the acoustic performance of an enclosed space. Optimisation routines allow the designer or consultant to investigate speech intelligibility, reverberation time, echoes and other acoustical properties.

A view along the stands in a virtual football arena

Our services are of benefit to both end users and contractors. Using high performance computers with this very specialised software allows us to create detailed and realistic auralisations (listening demonstrations) of proposed systems in their acoustic environment. This is a powerful tool in the selling of a system design as well as allowing the client to develop realistic expectations of the performance.

Example Hall

Hall with a high ceiling and atrium