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Sound System Design

Being completely independent from any manufacturers and distributors ensures that the sound system you get is the one you need, rather than the one we would like you to have. Our approach is to enter careful consultation with you, the client, assessing your needs fully. Only then will we go forward and assemble a proposal.

Computer modelling of proposed systems plays a major role in the system design as well as making thorough acoustic investigations of existing spaces to corroborate with the model. It is even possible to create simulations (auralisations) of how the possible designs will sound before going into installation.

Applications for sound system design include:-

  • speech reinforcement – houses of worship, education, corporate
  • music performance reinforcement – concert venues, night clubs
  • music reproduction – night clubs, retail outlets
  • voiced alarms and sound systems for emergency purposes – sports venues, large buildings
  • noise masking – speech privacy in open plan offices, board rooms, hospitals, call centres
  • Assistive Listening Devices – AFILS, Infra Red, FM radio