Building acoustics

Springwell Audio has invested in several new pieces of equipment which will compliment the company’s capabilities in the area of building acoustics.

2 new fully loaded Class 1 sound level meters allow measurement of sound levels for environmental studies and building acoustics alike. The instruments are manufactured by the Polish technology company, Svantek. Both the top of the range 979 sound and vibration analyser and 971 general purpose sound level meter are fully compliant with the most stringent class 1 criteria. The instruments were supplied thought the Swedish distributor, Acoutronic, from Stockholm.

We also have a custom built omni directional sound source which is backed up by 2,000W of amplifier power ensuring that all room acoustic and sound insulation measurements fulfill the relevant standards with capacity to spare. A sound power level of over 120dBW is available

A state of the art tapping machine is also on the way which allows the measurement of structure borne sound measurement. The HD2040 is manufactured in Italy and supplied through the Dutch distribution of Delta Ohm Europe. Again, the device fulfills the exacting tolerances required for consistent, repeatable measurements. Other features include comprehensive self check, Li-ion battery technology as well as radio remote control.



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