Design, Finalise, Deliver

Steven Liddle of Springwell Audio Services was recently interviewed for the trade magazine Installation Europe.

An excerpt from the interview:-

“Thinking back to those early days, was there a particular project that really helped to determine the direction of your career?
Working on the new Wembley Stadium was definitely very important for me. It was shortly after I moved to Sweden, and through a good contact I had with the designer of the venue’s audio systems, I was asked to head up the testing and commissioning process on behalf of project installer LBI (Live Business International). It was a four-month project in the latter half of 2005 – I flew to London every Sunday evening and then back to Sweden on the Friday. It proved to be a major help in securing future contracts: not only did I work on one of the biggest venues in the world, I was also required to have a detailed knowledge of the design and know how every single aspect of the system worked. There were 6,000 speakers to be tested, so it took a few months to get around them all!”

Read the full article here.