Sound Measurements

Professional acoustic measurements and noise investigations with reports.

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We can help you or your company when:

  • You are disturbed by noise from a neighbour’s fan, a pub or restaurant, a gym or other form of industrial noise
  • You need to provide evidence that your construction fulfills today’s requirements for sound insulation and sound levels indoors
  • You need to know how loud the ventilation is to avoid it affecting your health
  • You need a traffic noise investigation for your planning permission application
  • You need help with measurement, planning and documentation for noise at work regulations
  • You need design assistance for your building construction
  • And much more!

Why you should choose Springwell Audio AB

  • We have 20 years experience in the branch and we know what our customers need
  • We have 100% customer satisfaction and always deliver what is required within project timescales
  • We are a smaller business with low overheads in comparison to the larger consultancies – therefore we can hold down costs for our customers but maintain the same high quality.

We carry out sound measurements mainly in Uppsala, Stockholm and neighbouring regions. We also cooperate with consultancies in other parts of the country.

Building acoustics

Local building regulations determine the required performance in several areas:

Airborne sound insulation – Measurements are carried out in accordance with SSENISO140/SSENISO16283 and are then compared to guide values in BBR21, SS25267 and SS25268

Impact sound insulation – propagation of sound through the building fabric. Measurements are carried out in accordance with SSENISO140/SSENISO16283 and are then compared to guide values in BBR21, SS25267 and SS25268

Reverberation time – room acoustics can be described the reverberation time (the time it takes for sound to decay by 60dB). Measurements carried out in accordance with SS EN ISO 3382 as well as SS25267 and SS25268.

Restaurants and bars

We carry out sound insulation measurement in conjunction with alchohol licence applications. We can also carry out design solutions to improve insulation when there is a performance shortfall.


Noise from installations –  verification measurements of ventilation systems and other machinery. Measurements are carried out in accordance with SP Rapport 2015-2 as well as ISO 10052 and ISO 16032.

Neighbour noise – perhaps you are disturbed by a neighbouring business or pub? Springwell Audio AB can carry out professional, independent measurements of noise pollution and provide a report with reference to the local Swedish regulations.

Noise exposure

Employee noise exposure is an important aspect of their working environment. We can carry out measurements in accordance with ISO9612 as well make recommendations for noise control measures.