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Laila Karlsson, Linköping. Traffic noise investigation

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“I thought it would be easy to build a new villa, a small modular house, on the plot I have owned and lived for 30 years. But no! The planning office found out that there was a road outside the site, requiring a “traffic noise investigation”, without saying exactly what they wanted or how this would happen. I received quick and concrete answers to my questions from Springwell Audio AB as well as a quote with a competitive price. The final report presented all data in detail, in graphs, tables and explanatory text. The results were then compared with the regulations and the conclusions were clearly presented. I am very pleased, and happy to present everything you may want to know about noise on my plot and in the planned new house to the planning permission office! Many thanks to Steven Liddle and Springwell Audio AB.”

Laila Karlsson, Linköping.